The Riley Dinner

So the long awaited Riley dinner occurred last night and I can report that it was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Her house is beautiful, well decorated, and her daughters are so sweet and adorable. We had red wine to drink and a great spread of cheese, apples, and chips for appetizers. Then we started dinner with an amazing salad that had beets, tomato and avocado. It was a great and very summer appropriate:

For the main course we had grilled salmon (prepared by Riley’s husband who FYI- card counter), roasted chicken, grilled asparagus (um my favorite), and risotto with artichoke (umm probably the only thing I love more than grilled asparagus).

And obviously I had two helpings and a cupcake for dessert. The dinner was awesome and Professor Riley is probably one of my favorite profs. Shes super likable, very personable and I enjoy talking to her because her world view is so well rounded. You can tell that shes is both a CRS affiliate and also that shes experienced so many different things in her life. Very interesting and very likable. Juicy tidbit? Those amazing shoes are a result of online shopping! Anyway, the dinner was awesome and I was so glad that Kelly invited me. Thanks, Kelly!


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