Grandma Swanson's Orange Jello

This is the first of several Easter posts! Of course, I wouldn’t be able to host a Midwestern Easter without a good jello. I used a recipe that Grandma Swanson gave to me for Christmas. My dad even noted that it was one of his favorites so I thought it would be good to try on Easter.

First step is to boil orange juice and add orange jello to the boiling orange juice…

Then you let the mixture cool and bit before adding Ginger Ale…

Then you put the mix in the fridge so that it can thicken. Once it has thickened you add a can of Mandarin oranges.

Then you put it into the mold…

Once the jello has molded it done! It was slightly difficult getting the jello out of the mold. Luckily I had a pro there to help me get the jello out…

TA DA! Of course it was delicious. One of my friends said it was the first time he really liked jello. Grandma was so pleased!


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