Welcome to Spring Break kids!

Yesterday was the first day of spring break! My mom flew in from Chicago. On Monday we’re going to Palm Springs but yesterday we hit starbucks, went to Mozza (so no pictures) and target! After Target we went to third st. and kings road for cupcakes from Joan’s on Third.

First, Joans us such a great shop! Wonderful prepared foods and little snacks. We got a cupcake, which we split. I choose chocolate coconut!

It was really good. Different from Sprinkles, a little thicker but not richer or too thick. It was delicous and the frosting was delicious.

Across the street there is a sign on an empty store front that says “Magnolia Bakrey New York, Coming Soon” so stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring Break kids!

  1. joan’s has some of the best coconut cupcakes! they were featured on food network best thing i ever ate. magnolia sign has been up sine the fall… they’re taking their sweet time. have you tried crumbs or vanilla bake shop? those are my faves!

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