It’s that time of year again…

Can you spot it lurking in my freezer? It’s Girl Scout cookie time!

Coming out of Trader Joe’s there was a lone Girl Scout and I just couldn’t help myself. After delving into the nutritional facts I discovered that thin mints and shortbread are the two least unhealthy girl scout cookies. Lets be honest, I went with the chocolate! There is 160 calories per 4 cookies. I leave them in my freezer because I love how they taste when they’re cold. Its all about portion control right? 😉

I figured I was entitled to these cookies because it was the last 1L memo weekend! Feeling so good that it’s Sunday night and this weekend is over. Next week is the last week before Spring Break. On Friday my Mom is coming and and the following Monday we’re going to Palm Springs! The weather is getting better in LA (up to the 70’s again) and with this out of the way it’s starting to feel like spring has sprung.

Question of the Day: What is your memo (or stress) comfort food?


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

  1. omg. I also did the same nutritional fact thing, and bought thin mints too. I also bought the new dulce de leche cookies b/c I thought they were low in calories, but I found out after I opened the box that they were MINI COOKIES. WHY!!!?

  2. I bought Girl Scout’s Samosas….next to Trader Joe’s and down the box in a heartbeat. They are sooo good and now worthy of your blog 😉

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