Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

“Maybe the Legislature was concerned about the unrestricted flow of baked goods into the market?” –Quote from today’s Constitutional Law class. We were discussing Lochner v. New York.

Since the theme of today’s Con Law class was protecting bakers from having their right to contract taken away from them I will finally write this post about cookies that I have been putting off…

To be perfectly honest, I use the proportions that are available on the back of any bag of chocolate chips. I know that is probably lame sounding but I have a few upgrades that make the cookies extra special and delicious. All proportions were taken from the back of a chocolate chip bag, unless otherwise noted.

The first step is to combine the dry ingredients and set them aside. This includes flour, baking powder, and salt. Then I take the suggested measurement of butter and brown it. This gives the butter an even richer flavor when baked into the cookie.

While the butter continues to melt I combine the brown sugar and granulated sugar in a bowl which I will later add the browned butter to.

Once the butter is browned (you can tell because it will be melted, slightly brown, and it is important that it does burn) I combine and mix with the sugar.

Once the butter and sugars are incorporated evenly I add the egg and vanilla to the mix and combine well. I have but did not use electric beaters for this mix, but it is appropriate to use them at this stage. Make sure, if doing this by hand, that they are combined well.

Once the egg is mixed well, I combine the flour mix into the recipe is three parts. If mixing by hand, this is the part where you really have to make sure that you mix it well!

Then I add the second special ingredient: a teaspoon of Saigon Cinnamon from the Spice House! This gives the cookies the little something extra that makes them totally addictive (thanks Carolyn for this tip! It’s the best!)

This creates a great base cookie. I can add what ever ingredients I want to from this point. This time I decided to add oatmeal and chocolate chips.

Again… it’s important to combine well!

Normally I like to chill the dough before I bake them. Then I make as many cookies as I want and chill the rest of the dough until I want it. In order to bake them I follow the directions on the bag again! I believe its 10 mins at 400 degrees.

They came out looking so good! Yum!


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