Brithday Week…

There was a lack of posting yesterday, and I am afraid to say, a lame post today, due to Birthday Week. Molly, Josh, and Eric have back to back to back birthdays!

Yesterday I went to see Josh perform at the acoustic coffee house on campus. First, UCLA has the most amazing dorms. Like, I didn’t know that there were dorms this nice. Also, tons of talented musicians! Of course that includes Josh. He is so talented and he writes all his own songs. I admire that because I would be so petrified to write something that other people would hear. The other acts were good too, but Josh was clearly the best. It was a great night and got me to relax after a crazy day with classes.

Tonight is Eric’s birthday. We are going to pre game (with surprise cake, man I hope he doesn’t read this). The we are going to Bar Review. Bar review is a law school institution where students go to a different bar each Thursday. It should be fun cause I haven’t gone to bar review since last semester. Maybe there will be a review here later. In any case, we are headed to Parlor on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Chrissy and I are trying to find a nice girl for our friend Kal. He’s not a player but sometimes people think he is, but he’s not.

I am also wondering how dressed up I should get… it’s basically a monsoon outside (so bizarre for LA). There is thunder and lightning and winds. It reminds me of Sr. Pub Crawl when Carolyn and I walked in the rain to Boylston and declared that we would never return to McFadden’s. We also were sung to by a drunk Red Sox Fan. Ah, the old days.

Tomorrow is Molly’s birthday party which means westsider’s travel to the east side. I am looking forward to it. Molly is an awesome foodie/social justice person and I really like the eastside.

So that is why there hasn’t been any cooking. I will rectify that this weekend. I just had some artichoke ravioli  and I made it without nuts to combat my heartburn. I think it worked! Feeling good!


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