Wicked Awesome

I love Boston. Can I just admit, I like LA. I like warm weather, the beach, the laid back demeanor. Boston is awesome through. I love being able to walk everywhere. I love the food. I love the intellectual preppy. I love the bars. I love the friends I get to see. Here are some of the things I’ve seen.

my old, fenway, apartment!


coffee shop/ delicious cafe Trident, home to the best pancakes in Boston

Flashback to my going away dinner

I love this city. More specific updates and food pictures to come…


Sticky Bun at Flour

My first morning in Boston I woke up and went directly to Flour for a sticky bun. I have mentioned here many times at the sticky buns at Flour are the food of the gods. If it was my last meal I would want a sticky bun and an ice tea from Flour. Luckily Brea lives in the South End, very close to Flour.

But first… observe the beauty of the South End brown stones. I really want one.

After a short walk (I love being able to walk!) we arrived at the promised land…

I love Flour, but it can be a bit hard getting a table. Probably because the food is so amazing. We took the bounty back to Brea’s where we ate it while watching Gossip Girl.

Tell me that doesn’t look delicious! I dare you! I will be picking several up before I leave town. The bun is soft, the nuts are yummy and the caramel on top melts in your mouth. There is NO better way to start the day!