Wally’s Cheese Box

Since my little bro is in town I’ve obviously been using it as an excuse to try different restaurants. I’ve heard that Wally’s Cheese Box in Westwood has great grilled cheese and would you believe that I haven’t been here before? It’s been on my “to dine” list for a while. Wally’s is a wine shop and cigar shop in addition to the cheese shop which serves grilled cheese and has spreads, cheese, breads, and olive oils.

We know how I feel about a specialty cheese store. Love.

David and I pretty quickly figured out which grilled cheese we wanted and then looked around the shop.

I mentally bookmarked several items that I want to go back for like burrata cheese (roasted peach and burrata cheese is totes happening at some point), bacon jam (OMG!), olives, aged prosciutto, and bacon!

I. Love. Cheese. So. Much.

After a short wait we got our grilled cheese. We decided to split the truffle grilled cheese and the ham, mustard, and gruyere cheese. We went to the picnic benches out back and tore into the truffle grilled cheese first.

The bread was white and simple but the cheese was warm and oh so melty.

Despite his facial expression, David enjoyed it.

The cheese from David’s half melted into the plate. So much delicious truffley cheese!

Oh course, I did not want to let any cheese go to waste…

I have no shame.

Seriously. I have no shame. There was so much cheese! This was a great grilled cheese and it is going to be my new finals comfort food.

Then we had the ham and mustard.

Because there was ham in the sandwich there was less cheese. It was a serious concession but we still loved this sandwich. The bread was perfectly grilled and the mustard was a delicious Dijon.

I mean, how could you not want to eat this? Beautiful!

In sum, I will be making another trip to Wally’s soon. It’s a great place on the Westside for cheese and specialty items, I really need to try bacon jam obviously, and I need to check out the wine store too! Take it off the to dine list! I’m actually working on an NEW to dine list. Get excited!

What is on your to dine list?


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