Early Valentine’s Day

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

I know people have polarizing opinions on Valentine’s day but regardless of my relationship status I have always loved Valentine’s day. What’s not to love? You have tons of treats, and you get to tell all the people you care about that they’re important to you and not just significant others but friends, family and yourself. Because at the end of the day, the most important love is self love. Seriously though, some of my favorite Valentine’s day memories are single memories, like getting brunch with my college roommate Carolyn and sipping possibly the greatest bloody Mary of all time at Aquitaine in Boston. Don’t get me wrong, I like hand holding and eating heart-shaped ravioli while gazing into someone’s eyes as much as the next girl (yes that was one way I once spent Valentine’s day) but being single has never been a deterred me from celebrating Valentine’s day.

This year I am single and I decided to start the party early with a trip to, where else, Susie Cakes. They’ve been sending emails and tweets for weeks and I was dying to try their special cup cake this month! They also warned that Monday is their busiest day of the year so to avoid the rush I went Thursday. Also, I only have so much self control.

Sugar and Spice, vanilla cupcake with cinnamon butter cream frosting. HOLY YUM. There were also sprinkles inside of the cupcake.

In the spirit of full disclosure: there was a moment when I thought about getting the “heart shaped red velvet cake perfect for two binge eating on your couch while watching When Harry Met Sally“. I do like Susie’s Cakes’ red velvet but I was glad I tried something new. The cake was what I’ve come to expect from Susie Cakes: moist, not too sweet, and just crumbly enough. The frosting was the star of this show. I was literally licking it to make it last longer. Who needs a date when you can make out with frosting? The cinnamon flavor wasn’t overly obvious. It was light and smacked of brown sugar and light butter. This is the way butter cream should be done people: light and frothy and sugary, designed to put all other kinds to shame. It really is the best butter cream of all time.

Devoured. I love Susie Cakes. It may be my favorite bakery in LA. It took serious self control not to go over there again right after finishing this cupcake. Honestly, I could go to Susie Cakes for the smell alone. It smells like butter and sugar whipped bliss from the second you enter. Maybe that’s why I never leave without buying something. 😉 As for actual Valentine’s day I will likely celebrate by cooking myself a special meal, chatting with my close friends, pouring a cocktail, watching a sappy movie, and celebrating self love.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you mind being single on Valentine’s day?


7 thoughts on “Early Valentine’s Day

  1. Damn, I would not have minded making out with that frosting! Cupcakes are my all time favorite dessert 🙂 I don’t mind being single on Valentine’s Day. I’ve had good Valentine’s dates with guys, but I’ve also had fun with friends, so either way, I like the holiday.

  2. I used to love Valentine’s Day as it falls smack dab in between my birthday and my brother’s birthday but my boyfriend recently ended our relationship so I am a bit indifferent at the moment- I really hope that changes because February is an amazing month!
    I have amazing friends so it should not be all that bad! I am reading on the side bar something you wrote before that has “1L”- are you a law student still? That’s funny because I am! That’s the second blog I came across this morning with a law student/former law student blogger! 🙂

  3. Making out with frosting sounds phenom. to me. I love good frosting. So many cupcake places have done me wrong in the frosting department. I’ll have to try Susiecakes!

  4. I do not go to Susie Cakes enough, I seriously love their stuff and have only eaten it twice. Your flavor combo sounds simply heavenly!

    Yes, as a hopeless romantic I use to be that girl that felt sorry for herself when alone on V-day. I know, I know – I judge too. But the funny thing is that V-day has never been that big of a thing for Dan and I. We are pretty typical, but enjoy the predictability of our life.

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